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Athletics was always traditional for Azerbaijan – such kinds of sport, as e.g. “gyulash” (national wrestling) were developed here from the ancient times; these sport events were held in special places, called zorkhana. Brave representatives of Oguz people, including girls, were also skilful horse-masters - "chovgan", fencing, shooting. In 1912-1913, first in Tbilisi (Tiflis at that time), then in Baku football tournaments were held between the Azerbaijan and Georgian teams. In 1914 Football Union was established in Azerbaijan. The Union undertook organization and handling of official city championships and other sport events. Starting with that year establishment of organizations and societies dealing with various kinds of sports became traditional in the country. As Azerbaijan was part of Russia, in the beginning of the century activity on sport development was not on the governmental level. Development of sport at the governmental level began in 20-s of the past century. Since that time, both in Baku and in other regions and cities of the Republic clubs and sections on various kinds of sports were established, resource base allowing people to engage in physical exercises and athletics.

During the years of Soviet power considerable resource base for sport activitieswas established in the Republic, professional trainers and sportsmen prepared; sport lessons were obligatory in the education programs of secondary schools and universities, physical culture and sport were promoted in mass media, sport sections accepted participants free, or for symbolic payment.

In conditions of the crisis after the USSR collapse the whole sport-recreational sphere in Azerbaijan lost state support and financing, and this affected significantly the condition of sport complexes and sport facilities.

However, when the nationwide leader Heydar Aliyev came to power, sport in our Republic received special attention.

Strengthening of independence and statehood, ensuring of sustainable future in many ways depends on active position of population, and healthy life style is its basis. This important concept formulated by the great leader Heydar Aliyev and implemented by his dignified follower, President of the Azerbaijan Republic Ilham Aliyev, defines development of sport.

Access of Azerbaijan to the front positions at the international competitions, the fact that Azerbaijan became a centre of important international sport events competitions brings even more glory to Azerbaijan, and has positive impact on its trans-border authority.

Government decrees and measures provided conditions for mass development of sport and physical culture in our country.


Sports remains very popular among the people of our Republic, and recently foreigners working in Azerbaijan join them (every month 7500 foreigners in average arrive in the Azerbaijan Republic, and half of them remain here for long periods). Sport Complex “Gyanjlik” was commissioned in June, 1999. Everything here – both accurate, looked after lawns, smooth asphalted race tracks, bright coloured buildings and people exude energy and optimism. Surrounded by the evergreen trees the Complex is located in the centre of the city, has convenient access roads, there are no interruptions in water and energy supply, as the Complex has its own independent system of power service and heating. There is also parking space for 150 cars. Sport Complex “Gyanjlik” has swimming pool (25 х 10 m), gym, sauna, mini-football hall with 400 seats, three open and three closed tennis courts. Besides, Sport Complex is equipped with the shower rooms, changing rooms, sitting room where after exercises you can relax you’re your friends, drink juices, aromatic tea. Statesmen and political elite of the Republic, successful businessmen, employees of foreign embassies and companies are among regular customers of the Complex. Provided services comply with the world standards, at the expense of modern equipment and facilities, and highly professional performance of the staff. Sport Complex “Gyanjlik” has specially equipped halls and sites for the following sports: tennis, swimming, mini-football, general physical training, both at professional and amateur level. You can choose from various kinds of sport in “Gyanjlik” Sport Complex. The following options are available for most of these sport activities:

  • corporate attendance
  • leasing of a sport facility (closed hall or open site – by the organization or individual; to organize competition or trainings; one-off or on continuing basis)
  • season ticket
  • one-time visit (tickets sold for one lesson)

In the sections devoted to various kinds of sport you can find detailed information about the services available now.

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