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Tennis (tennis, presumably from French word tenez - "here you are, take") – sport game, whose participants send a ball to each other over the net at special site – court. The game resembling tennis appeared already in the XIII-XIV centuries in Italy, France and England. A ball was sent over the net by hand, and in the beginning of the XVI century they began using rackets for this purpose. Modern tennis appeared in the UK at the end of the XIX century. In Russia tennis appeared only in the 70-s of the XIX centuries, whilst now it is one of the most popular sports. Most important international competitions – Wimbledon tournament (since 1877), Davis Cup (since 1900), Federation Cup (since 1963). World championships are organized beginning from 1978. Tennis is included into the program of Olympic Games since 1896-1926 and since 1988.

Sport Complex “Gyanjlik” provides you 3 open and 3 closed courts. Court coating is made according to the most advanced technologies and is characterized as a balanced coating of “hard” type. It should be specially mentioned that tennis fans are happy to play at our courts as their legs do not experience strain leading to orthopedic traumas at any style of game. This is explained by properly chosen hardness of the coating, and this ensures correct ball bouncing. Indoor courts of such level in Baku and CIS are unique. Manufactured inn Austria court was installed also by Austrian specialists. Comfortable climate at the court is ensured by automatic air-conditioning system, thus it is equally pleasant to play both in winter and in summer. There are changing rooms with shower for men and women, and VIP room.

Swimming pool

You can swim in the magnificent swimming pool filled with pearly blue, clean water. System of water purification “Hilton” used here is unique. Our swimming pool for a long time is ranking as one of the leaders in Baku. This is confirmed by attendance figure. Every day, time period from 14.00 to 16.00 is allocated for ladies. Those who desire to visit swimming pool can buy a season ticket or one-time ticket immediately before the session; anyhow health certificate is mandatory. One can get health certificate here, in the doctor's office of sport complex. Experienced instructors - masters of sports and title holders on swimming work here. Both children and adult people learn to swim. Duration of session is 1 hour 20 minutes (1 hour in the swimming pool, and 15-20 minutes – in the shower and changing room).


Our gym halls are equipped with the most modern mechanical and computer training simulators of “TechnoGym” company. Our specialists will help you to assess your body state, and will give you practical recommendations for exercises, on correct nutrition, figure correction, coordination of movement; they will develop individual training programs. Exercises in the gym allow good form to be maintained. The gym will help you to maintain active social and business life. Instructors will help you to maintain necessary momentum and positive emotional background when exercising with maximum physical load. Time period from 14.00 to 15.00 is allocated specially for ladies.


Sauna is very popular owing to its beneficial effect on the organs and systems of human body. Observations have shown that 10 minutes spent in the sauna improve motor response and coordination of movements


Mini-football, or floorball, appeared in 20-s of the XX century on the Brazilian beaches full with people desiring to play football. Later they began playing in the halls, five players from each side. Austrians were the first in Europe to play mini-football. In 1958, one of the leaders of Austrian national team Josef Argauer brought an idea of this game from Sweden, from the World Championship on football. He saw there Brasilians playing in the hall and suggested to organize the first match in Vienna “Stadt-Halle”. Gradually mini-football gained popularity in other countries. In 1988 mini-football laws were approved (5х5), and in 1989 on 5 to 15 January trial world championship on mini-football was held in Holland.

Two football fields for mini-football are available for you on the territory of Sport Complex “Gyanjlik” – outdoor and indoor, with the artificial surface of the fourth generation; their quality does not change irrespective of weather. The surface of the football field has been developed accounting for the newest technologies. It is comfortable for the players of any level. With the appearance of new synthetic coatings it became possible to control ball motion, as on the natural field, and to roll up the ball without the risk of trauma or burn injury. FIFA and UEFA are convinced in advantages of the artificial fields, and foresee their potential. Poured-in type coating at the indoor site should be specially mentioned. This coating manufactured at the German plant of “Polytan” company, according to the recent world standards, is the least traumatic among all analogs. Traumas of ankle - the most common injury in mini-football – are quite rare at the fields with such coating.

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