Mini-football, or floorball, appeared in 20-s of the XX century on the Brazilian beaches full with people desiring to play football. Later they began playing in the halls, five players from each side. Austrians were the first in Europe to play mini-football. In 1958, one of the leaders of Austrian national team Josef Argauer brought an idea of this game from Sweden, from the World Championship on football. He saw there Brasilians playing in the hall and suggested to organize the first match in Vienna “Stadt-Halle”. Gradually mini-football gained popularity in other countries. In 1988 mini-football laws were approved (5х5), and in 1989 on 5 to 15 January trial world championship on mini-football was held in Holland.

Two football fields for mini-football are available for you on the territory of Sport Complex “Gyanjlik” – outdoor and indoor, with the artificial surface of the fourth generation; their quality does not change irrespective of weather. The surface of the football field has been developed accounting for the newest technologies. It is comfortable for the players of any level. With the appearance of new synthetic coatings it became possible to control ball motion, as on the natural field, and to roll up the ball without the risk of trauma or burn injury. FIFA and UEFA are convinced in advantages of the artificial fields, and foresee their potential. Poured-in type coating at the indoor site should be specially mentioned. This coating manufactured at the German plant of “Polytan” company, according to the recent world standards, is the least traumatic among all analogs. Traumas of ankle - the most common injury in mini-football – are quite rare at the fields with such coating.